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We work on strategy, business development, commercial, technology and procurement across all industries and geographies.
What AIPS does
  • We quickly understand and unpick problems. 
  • You and your coach have an open conversation about the decision making process, allowing you to make better decisions.
  • Work with you to validate your course of action resulting in fewer decisions.
  • Remain emotionally engaged with the problem in order to make refinements leading to better results.
The AIPS approach
AIPS uses a blend of the following principles centred around planning, execution and reflection to achieve the best results and sustainable growth.
  • Relevant psychometric tools gather objective feedback from colleagues & chart a course for change. 
  • Positive psychology helps identify a person’s strengths and talents in order to help them flourish based on our active interest in neuroscience theory. 
  • Motivational interviewing uses careful questioning and goal-setting to enable our clients to “own” the process of improving their leadership skills and emotional intelligence. 
We understand the significance of a real affinity between coach and client so we focus on the person and creating an independent, safe space to work together. 
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