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​About us

AI Professional Services is a specialist consulting firm providing domain expertise across Business Development, Technology, New Company Set-up and Procurement.

Who are AIPS?

Thomas Peel is a Business Development and Commercial coach working in Banking, Insurance, High-tech, Consumer and Private Equity sectors. He has a Professional Certificate in Coaching from Henley Business School.

Giles Vardey has a 40 year career in financial services including being a Director of the London Stock Exchange and is an active company chairman. He also has a MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. 

Both Thomas and Giles offer a blend of ability, experience and personality. They provide the highest levels of discretion and stay emotionally committed to helping their clients on their path to better decision making.

Why engage AIPS now?

Client and employee needs are increasing. Suppliers are in flux. Regulatory requirements are growing and are increasingly complex. These changes require a response from everyone in your business. Combine this with the fact that businesses will have fewer physical assets, the value of people and their effectiveness has never been more important. 

Working together, we will help make a positive impact on you and your business. 

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